Saturday, April 7, 2012


Today we dyed eggs. 

Yep, his egg says "mom" on it... swoon...

Our spring break has passed in a flash. Tomorrow is Easter, and I am reminded of not only the sacrifice that has changed my life, but of the importance of passing on that knowledge to c and p. It can be a challenge to balance out all that Easter entails in the world, with the true meaning, and freedom that comes along with that knowledge. Then, I read this post from a blog that I have been following for a while. It really spoke to me, and I decided to follow her lead. 

The thought is to choose a bible verse for each of your children, and spend the next year praying that verse for their lives. So, I spent some time thinking and praying about each person's verse for the year. 

Next, I wrapped them up in an egg, and placed them in a small jar, along with some jelly beans. Their jar is now placed, snug in their baskets. I am sure that each little will not be terribly impressed by a bible verse written on paper. But, as they get older, I hope that they come to appreciate all that goes along with these sweet prayers for their lives. I even chose a verse for the mr. and I. 

I am hopeful that this new tradition will help focus our family, and my prayers, for the next year.

Happy Easter.

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